Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Trade and Political Spin

This article is a fairly even-handed and thoughtful explanation of the way in which free trade between nations actually helps people in the working class and not just the movers and shakers.
It's easy to forget sometimes, what with all the political and media spin on the marketplace. It's easy to forget because Obama and Clinton spout off about how they want to help the little guy by gutting 'big bad' business. They never stop to think that 'big bad' business is what is giving the little guy a job to do. If they make it harder for businesses to set up in the US, then they will go abroad. It's that simple.

Free trade makes sense, but a free economy at home makes even more sense. Just imagine how much prices would drop if there weren't tariffs, taxes, and surcharges latched on to everything. Of course, the reason why people don't realize this is because they're hopelessly dedicated to the morality of altruism. They think that making money for yourself is evil, so they want to make it as hard to make money as possible. What people don't realize is that if you can't make money, you can't live. So which do you want? A new morality that will let you make money and feel good about it? Or the old morality which will drive you to die for a notion of good which makes it impossible to live?

You decide. After all the choice is only yours.

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