Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama's Hypocrisy: So Much for Secular Politics

Yep, Obama is now advocating the expansion and empowerment of faith-based programs. Who really believes that provisions against proselytizing and discrimination are going to be enforceable? How can he seriously justify funding school improvement through churches? Doesn't that mean that secular/atheist children will be denied access to these programs unless they commit the hypocrisy of attending church? How can such a program NOT be called proselytizing if it IS held in a church? So much for his earlier speech about the separation of church and state. I guess he's just as much a hypocrite as McCain.

If anything, this should make it increasingly apparent that neither McCain nor Obama is fit to run this nation. Only Barr is not offering to sell our country to the highest religious bidder. Of course religions have control over large pools of voters. That's exactly what makes them dangerous. And it's exactly the reason why the founding fathers were smart enough not to let the wheedling hypocrisy of religion even get its foot in the door of politics.

Don't passively let them get away with this! Obama has surrended any moral advantage he may have had over McCain. Let's try to save America from becoming the Iran of the future, and all the economic and political ramifications that would entail. We can do it, if we all stand for reason and if we stand together.

Vote for Barr.

Vote Libertarian.

(You'll never see a libertarian campaigning for government money to go to religious programs.)

And here's Barr's forthright explanation of the notorious FISA bill which Obama approved:

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