Sunday, June 15, 2008

Supreme Court Puts Foot Down on Abrogation of Due Process

Usually I complain about things here, but this news story struck me as reassuring. The Supreme Court finally acted against Bush's insane power-grabbing. It struck to restore some of the balance of powers which have seemed to be so oddly out of balance since 9-11. And they struck to secure human rights as a universal and universally applicable to all. Of course it's only the beginning. There's a lot of mess to be cleaned up from Guantanamo. And unfortunately in some cases I'm sure that justice will be a casualty of reasserting the rule of law in America. But without fundamental agreement on the universality of rights, none of us really have them. This assertion by the Supreme Court declares that it will not tolerate the erosion of our concepts of justice, humanity, and basic freedoms. The dissenters can bray and howl as much as they like for the dark genesis of their messianic paranoia has been neutered. And their idealized mentor, Herr Bush, is not long for the White House. Hopefully he can still be impeached. If ever there were men guilty of treason, they are those of the current administration. The majority voters in this decision are the true patriots and true champions of liberty. At the very least, they have shown that some vestige of the concept of justice remains alive in the institutions of our nation.


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